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Viewing Single Post From: OLTL: Catherine Hickland interview

From: TV Guide

'Catherine the Great!'

The Emmy race is on, thanks to Catherine Hicklandís tour-de-force performance on ĎOne Life to Liveí that has everyone talking

If youíre not watching One Life to Live, then you need to know youíre missing one of the most inspired, flawless and visceral performances in daytime TV history as Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) reinvents herself as a true thespian.

In fact, weíd say that the former Texas, Capital, Loving and The City star should be arrested ó because nothing this is good is ever legal!

TV Guide was lucky enough to talk shop with the sexy and talented star last week ó and we canít remember the last time we were so excited to speak to an actor (and this reporter covers film and prime time for many publications).

So on that note, weíre going to get to the juicy interview immediately ó because letís face it, weíve gushed so much about Hickland that sheís probably going to get a restraining order against us!

Simply put, Hickland has made us fall in love with soap operas all over again by bringing truth and substance back to a genre that is often soulless these days.

Below, she dishes about her OLTL future, the performance that has everyone buzzing about an Emmy win next year, and her relationship with ex-husband Michael E. Knight (Tad, All My Children).

TV Guide: We havenít talked in ages Ė how are you? OLTL must be one happy set these days, huh?

Catherine Hickland: [Laughs.] How can you tell? [Headwriter Ron Carlivati] really loves this show as a fan, meaning his memory and the integrity he writes from really shines through his work. Itís one of those rare instances when someone has worked their way to the very top of their field by earning it organically. For him to be helming this show is such a gift to the cast. Iím grateful [executive producer Frank Valentini] and [ABC Daytime President] Brian Scott Frons made this decision to hire him.

TVG: So are we! Best. Decision. Ever. And what a concept ó love the show that you write for, and most important, have a passion for writing daytime.

CH: You know what? Love anything you do and youíll succeed in life, because itís passion that fuels everything in life.

TVG: Letís talk business for a second: OLTL says youíre recurring and there are no plans to write you off.

CH: Thatís what they tell me! I hope they donít get rid of me either, because I have a passion for this show and this role. But as you know, you never know in this business. I am recurring and I am fine with that. If the storyline continued in this vein, it would be nice to have a contract, but because I have so much on the go with my cosmetic company and Iím writing a self-help inspirational new book about healing a broken heart, I donít feel slighted. Iíd rather be an asset to a show than a financial liability.

TVG: Youíve always been one of daytimeís most consistent actors, but the material is bringing out something new in you. As far as Iím concerned, youíre the best actor on soaps today. Thereís something different about you ó and you even look different. Do you agree?

CH: Thank you! For the last two years, I havenít had anything to do and instead of being pissed off about it, I started giving gratitude in my heart by looking at what I did have instead of what I didnít have.

Even when they told me months ago that Lindsay was the killer, I still didnít know if I was going to be on the show or that this wonderful material would be coming my way. When I saw what was coming, I said, ĎOmigod, this is an opportunity to do the best work of my career and not worry what people will think of me.í

I knew I had all the tools to perform the hell out of it, so I decided to enjoy this moment. I remember when I used to watch Guiding Light, when Cynthia Watros (ex-Annie) won the Emmy Award, and for some reason I thought this could be my Watros moment. So I went for it.

TVG: Itís really been orgasmic watching you strut your stuff ó Ron and Frank need to take you out for dinner! Can you preview any upcoming stories for my readers?

CH: I do know Iíll be off for the show for a while, but I suspect I wonít be gone for good. Itís another big secret, which of course, I canít tell anyone once again, which kills me! Also, I think everyone can see that something is happening romantically with Bo. I love how Bob Woods (Bo) is playing this storyline.

TVG: Letís move on to the Daytime Emmys ó are you going to throw your name in for consideration?

CH: To hear your beautiful words honouring our work is amazing, and youíve got us all thinking. You know, we shoot these episodes, and then move on with our lives ó sometimes we donít know how our work is being received because we donít have a live audience.

TVG: The great news is you already have your Emmy reels!

CH: Well, fasten your seatbelts, because thereís even better to come. Wait until you see whatís going to happen.

TVG: Well, that will make your job picking two episodes for your reels much harder ó though your ex-husband three-time Emmy winner Michael E. Knight sure knows how to pick Ďem!

CH: Michael always let his producers pick his reels because he doesnít like to watch his own work.

TVG: So Ö would you submit your name?

CH: I totally would. After 27 years of daytime, it would be nice to be recognized. I used to say, ĎI donít care; I donít care.í But guess what ó thatís exactly what it got me! So now, Iím saying, ĎYes, I would!í Iím thinking best supporting actress, because I havenít been lead in so long.

TVG: Speaking of Michael, whatís your relationship with him like now?

CH: Weíre still friends and of course, I think heís the best actor on daytime, hands-down.

TVG: Not anymore, Ms. Hickland!
CH: [Laughs.] Youíre too kind.

TVG: Michaelís probably like, ĎI created a monster!í Seriously though ó he must be very happy for you these days.

CH: I donít think he watches OLTL, so what Iíve been doing is saving my scenes, so he can see them. Weíre still very close; weíre just not married anymore. If I was ever in trouble, he could count of me, and vice versa. Heís a terrific human being.

TVG: You also look amazing these days ó what are you doing?

CH: Thank you. I donít do anything, Iím ashamed to say. I havenít been to a gym in ages. I do work and travel a lot because I live in New York and L.A. and travel to Florida a lot to tape the Home Shopping Channel for my cosmetic company. I have a very quiet, but a very big life.

TVG: Is this the best time of your life?

CH: It is the best time of my life Ö so far. Iím very happy these days.

Published: Thursday, September 13, 2007
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