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Call me a bitch if you must but I want them all gone. None of them are like Nixon and Bell in their prime who knew how many characters they could write for and were able to spread the storyline wealth around. Where are the underrated Edith Sommer and Robert Soderberg (SFT, GL, and ATWT) when they you need them? They knew how to create exciting new characters like Joyce Coleman and breathe life into old characters like Donald Hughes on ATWT back in the day. Jim Reilly isn't fit to touch Don Becker's and Mary Wood's old typewriters. I'll take an old radio soap like THE LIFE OF MARY SOUTHERN over PASSIONS any day. Where are the Henry Slesars and Irving Vendigs of today? Half of today's soaps want to be a knockoff of either DARK SHADOWS and THE EDGE OF NIGHT. Problem is none of today's writers have the imagination of Gordon Russell and/or Sam Hall. That is especially true of AMC's Brown and Esssenstein. Speaking of underrated writing teams, am I the only one here who remembers the likes of Ira and Jane Avery (SECRET STORM and GL), John Pickard and Frank Provo (FROM THESE ROOTS and LOVE OF LIFE), and David Lesan and Julian Funt (YOUNG DR. MALONE and SEARCH FOR TOMORROW)? Is Rita Lakin who once wrote for THE DOCTORS still alive? I just can't believe that the hacks that are writing today's soaps are the best writers that the networks can find? They might be cheap but it shows up in the product on the television scene. No wonder the ratings are so low!!!
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