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Sep 14 2007, 05:41 PM
Hands down today was one of the best episodes of the year..i was on the edge of my couch the entire episode and making so many comments to my roomate who was in the room with me..Thaao is doing an amazing job, today was easily the best performance he's given as Andre...He was chilling in his scenes with Kate..Kudos to both Thaao and Lauren for a great job today..Lauren played the frightened victom so well...And i got excited when during the Shawn and Andre fight..It looked much better than previous fights on Days..then of course Belle had to come in..LOVED IT...this is how you do a friday episode, thanks Ed Scott for stepping up the production of the show...because i bet if you weren't here it wouldn't have been as great.

The funeral scenes were wonderful..So many great character interactions..And i really like that Lexie is getting scenes with her brother Benji...Anna worrying about Roman was great, and hopefully we lead to a nice quadrangle down the road..and Hope and Anna's scene was funny...

Finally, i knew most of the spoilers for the episode..but i had no idea that the boquet had a camera in it allowing Andre to watch the entire funeral..He really is a step ahead of everyone..Oh yeah and a Mensa member!!! Love it...

Friday's show was the best by far in a long time. Thaao is chewing up all the scenery where ever he shows up. Hats off to Lauren today, too. I loved, loved, loved, the funeral parlor scenes -- everyone dressed in black, in a dark setting offset by the red roses. It was like a scene from 'The Godfather.' Loved seen grampa Shawn there. He didn't have to say a word - it was all over his face. Can't wait for the confrontation between him and Stefano. Deidre Hall looked absolutely lovely today and how damn good was it so see her? I'm still thinking about the lines between EJ and Sami today when she asked him why he thought Santo could not kill Colleen. EJ turned that around saying, "I could never kill you, Samantha." Hmmmmm....Kudos all around.
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