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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Sep 14 2007, 10:23 PM
I understand Benjy's rage, who can blame him. I just still don't get the gun. Abe and Lexie even talked about Benjy not knowing Stefano was alive.
Maybe I am just reading to much into it. Benjy knows his father is the Phoenix, he will never die!

I didn't get it either! Benjy brought the gun to the funeral so either he's so psycho he wanted to shoot his dad's corpse or he knew that Stefano wasn't really dead, which meant that NO ONE at the funeral thought he was really dead (except maybe OMB) by my calculations. And that they still went ahead with the thing after Andre clearly was on to them as demonstrated by him sending the flowers? So dumb.

In any event... since I forgot to post my thoughts on the epi earlier...

Another great episode... Meg Kelly had another script? Interesting.

Is there a villain in daytime more delicious than Andre DiMera these days? I simply can't believe there is. Although, I'm wondering when he got so pervy. I mean I'm glad zhe's given up the non-fatal bomb racket but in the hospital the other day he was all up on Sami and then today he kissed Kate and while I did think those things worked, another part of me is gritting my teeth at more misogyny and sexual harassment under Hogan Sheffer. Although that is unfortunately a common occurence in Meg Kelly's scripts though so maybe it was her doing more than Sheffer. In any event, the bit about Andre taunting Kate about getting Roman's life insurance policy... awesome! Didn't see that coming.

Love the funeral. Awesome that Hope knew right away that Bo was lying and it was good to see John and Marlena again. Though I don't really care about John much any more (congrats Hogan, you won this round) when it comes to Marlena and me I really do think absence makes the heart grow fonder. I adore Jim Lunsford and I enjoy the Benjy-Lexie chemistry. Now that said, where the hell is Celeste?!?! I want me some Tanya Boyd!!! Did they give Lexie some throwaway line where she said that she was watching Theo and I missed it? Is Celeste hiding out to avoid the DiMera wrath for her phony voodoo paternity test? And can someone tell me if anyone who was attending that funeral actually thought it was real besides OMB? Cause I couldn't think of anyone else who believed it. LOL. eta: Oh and shouldn't Dr. Rolf have been there or is he in jail? Because I can't think of any other reason he would leave Stefano's side if he thought he was alive or would not attend his funeral if he thought he was dead.

As much as I enjoy both EJami and Santeen and am eating up every delectable morsel of it, even I have to admit they are kind of being heavyhanded with the fate/destiny crap. Fans of EJami and Santeen already had this in mind without the show telling them it was so while EJami and Santeen haters aren't going to be convinced by being bludgeoned to death by the words, but probably just hate them all more feeling like the show is dictating it to them, so I think the DOOL writers can quit now. We get it. EJ and Sami are star-cross'd lovers just like Santo and Colleen. Understood. I have no problem with EJ and Sami continuing to dissect the Santo and Colleen relationship and extrapolating on what it means for them, mind you. I just would fully support them delving a little deeper than... it was fate/destiny... just like us. Oh but EJ winked at Sami when he left. That was cute. And Lucas isn't yelling... much. The quiet rage thing when Lucas gives Sami the third degree is such a better acting choice for BD. And I don't blame Lucas one bit for being suspicious even I still think if it is pretty insensitive for him to throw that rape line in her face that way when the whole thing only happened because Sami was so desperate to save HIS life. At least it's in character and at least now when he's being a prick to Sami, he's right about her. Because it is about more than ending the vendetta.

Also, is Sami ever going to be released from the hospital? EJ got ELECTROCUTED and almost died yet he has been out of the hospital like one or two days already while Sami was just dehydrated and she's still there? And Lucas still has no job and hasn't ever looked for one. Who is paying these bills when the two of them have no health insurance. Since they're not explaining this I'll just imagine that EJ is paying them and I think that's nice of him. wink.gif

Belle if you're so damn cold your lips are blue and you're shivering, zip up your sweater already! At least we weren't subjected to hypothermia Shelle conception though.

Finally, now that Passions is gone when the hell am I going to get to see the new DOOL promo for next week? Do I have to wait until it's posted online? Grrrr.
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