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Just watched Wednesday.

It was so much fun!

Finally, something's going on in Robin/Patrick storyline. I mean, for the entire year basically they have been doing the same thing. Finally, some movement today with Robin realizing she wants a baby, but comes home to find Patrick with Leyla! Yay! Should be good!

No Sonny and Carly was good. No Carly in two days in a row was AWESOME!

So happy to see the Qs again! They were so fun! And yay! Logan agreed to the DNA test! Can't wait! And please let Luke come back soon! I am so ready for his return.

Loved seeing Lainey again! Her and Robin are so nice as friends.

Liz needs to die. She was the only part of this episode that annoyed me. Lucky groveled and begged when he was trying to get Liz to forgive him for his affair with Maxie. And Liz did (at least she said she did). Now when the truth about Liz's affair is out, SHE is upset with HIM?! So he has to grovel and beg AGIAN, even if it is her fault now? Drop dead, Liz! I hope she and Jason get together and she ends up being killed by a mobster. I would hate to lose Becky Herbst, who I adore, but I just can't watch Liz anymore.

It was nice seeing Alan. I thought Stuart's contract was up in August, so it was a nice surprise that he is still with us! :)

Alexis/Nikolas was so good! I am so intrigued what is going on with Nikolas. But he has every right to act like this. Finally someone is acting like a normal person would about a psycho like Jerry Jacks.

Good show!
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