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Jinxed Soul
Sep 15 2007, 04:47 PM
Well, if that's how you're going to think about it, shouldn't the conversion be permanent in order for it to be the real deal?

Surely Chloe and Phillip didn't stay together (because she smartened up), but that good side in him didn't stick around. Any effects she had on him didn't remain.

And how good did he really become? Towards her, yes. Aside from that, he was still the same Phillip, IMO!

Was he? I don't remember, but I think he did change while he was with her to others as well.

And writing on Philip's character was so wrong. He was going to be a bad boy. Then he became nicer with Chloe. Then she dumped him and he started freaking out again.

Then they cast Kyle Brandt and he is nice again. He was boring until the end of Kyle's run, when he became bad Philip again.

So the conversion was there when it suited the writers, IMO. :)

But I do think Philip changed for Chloe's love and when she turned to Brady because he could sing or whatever, he was hurt that the first person he opened up to left him.
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