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The way I see it, loves endures obstacles. Sure she went to Brady, but she may have at some point turned around and come back to Phillip. But, that would've only happened, had he been the same man he was when she was with him. Otherwise, there is nothing there to lure her back to him. Its as if Phillip just stopped fighting for her and went back to his old ways.

Without a doubt, he was hurt, but you'd imagine after some point he would cool down, and become the man she converted him to be. That just isn't him!

Even now, he puts on this nice guy act for Belle. He has an agenda! Phillip is worthy of one girl, and one girl only... I wish I could remember her name, but I can't. It was the girl he was dating in highschool prior to Chloe.

Harsh? Maybe. But, I hate Phillip with a passion.
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