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And finally I watched Friday!


Loved the Qs scenes! I was laughing so hard when Tracy said to Lulu "If you leave with Logan, your father will divorce me" and then Edward quickly stepped in and said: "Well you two just go and be happy" or something like that...

Can't wait till Scott gets DNA results back.

OMG! Robin and Jason are so cute together! When he came in and smiled at her and she smiled back... wow! I want these two together!!! :lol:

Of course Lucky was going to be blamed for everything. Just like I suspected. Whatever. If this will get Elizabeth to leave him or Lucky to finally man up and leave her, fine by me. Until Elizabeth realizes that Jason is wrong for her, she should stay away from Lucky. If she never realizes that, then I hope she dies.

When Nikolas told her that Lucky is with Sam and she didn't react and Nikolas noticed it and asked her about it... Did he really have to ask?! It was obvious that Liz doesn't love Lucky anymore! But if someone told Liz that they saw Jason talking to Robin, she would probably freak with jealousy. <_<

What is the purpose of Jerry Jacks? He is running around from one to another, doing nothing.

Kate was drugged and in a car accident? Will this bring back her reckless driving charges?? Trevor is soooooo bad!! :rockon:

Good ending of a good week! Hopefully it continues to get ever better!!

PS Still no Carly!!! Is Laura on vacation?? If so, please let her stay there for a while!
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