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After all... tomorrow is another day!

I guess I have a case of the Mondays because this episode made me really bitchy and nitpicky.

Overall this was an entertaining and exciting episode full of drama and the great lighting and editing I've grown accustomed to under Ed Scott but...

-Why did Benjy have a gun and bring it to the funeral? How did he know Stefano wasn't really dead? Or was he just that angry he wanted to empty some rounds into his corpse? So stupid that they went ahead with the funeral that no one thought was real. But still I did find it intriguing that after all these times of Kayla not having the guts to pull the plug when she visited Stefano in Italy, Sami not being able to pull the trigger at DiMansion, Roman having his gun out and thinking about shooting him last week that it was a DiMera who was the one who finally had the guts to pull the trigger, even if the Bradys wound up thwarting him by putting that bulletproof vest on Stefano. Still pissed Celeste isn't at this funeral. But I love Stefano's freakout and the power outage, especially the end with Grandpa Shawn blowing out the candles. Frank Parker was stellar.

-Enjoyed the Lucas-Sami-EJ conversation. I am amused that Lucas is so at his wit's end about EJ and Sami that he doesn't even think about what a bad idea it is to argue with her in front of EJ nowadays. Kind of crappy he is calling her "crazy" and questioning her mental state over and over so I was also glad that Sami stood up for herself somewhat until she finally told EJ to leave and I was glad he didn't. Also loved the touch where you saw EJ's hands in the corner of the frame playing "She loves me... she loves me not" with the rose petals. Don't know if that was in the script, James Scott's idea or the director's, but whoever came up with it, I adore them for it. I didn't like however them putting the line in EJ's mouth that he saved Lucas's life TWICE. He has actually saved Lucas's life three times in the past 13 months if EJ is going to take credit for the beam lifting and the freezer truck rescue as he also rescued Lucas from the fire in his and Carrie's apt., and given this was a script written by like the one writer who actually was working at DOOL last summer I expect her to know that and present that truth, even if it goes against the current characterization of EJ as completely selfish and manipulative. But that sniping aside and even if EJ has already confessed his love for Sami before (when Lucas made him promise to move out of his apartment), it's nice to hear it again if only for the way that James Scott is perfection as he delivers those lines all quiet with his bedroom eyes... *swoon* Lucas doesn't stand a chance.

-What is up with Hogan Sheffer's obsession with people being trapped in the cold or heat and stuff exploding? I don't know if there is some parallel we are supposed to draw from EJ and Sami being trapped in the sauna by Andre and EJ getting injured and wheeled away on a gurney trying to help them escape when pretty much the same thing happened with Belle and Shawn in this freezer or the show is really just THAT redundant. But yay for Hope having the Salem brain and knowing to look at the pub.

-Memo to Bryan Dattilo: VENdetta, not VANdetta.

-Why didn't Roman tell anyone where he went? So stupid. Is it wrong that I am kinda sorta rooting for Andre a little bit at this point? He's just so good at punishing the idiots of Salem. Love the evil laughter and that he stole the chauffeur's uniform.

-But why did they have Andre take Kate's clothes? Was it just more misogynistic sexual degradation masquerading as light humor in Sheffer's world? Was it to have Kate and EJ interact in front of Lucas to embarrass him with a reminder of Kate's prosmiscuity? Or to remind us of EJ's lecherous past. If it was supposed to remind us of the EJ-Kate debacle as a sign they are not whitewashing that then that leads me into...

-As much as the Marlena-Sami conversation helped advance EJami and the idea that Sami has feelings for E.J. and as much as I normally like scripts written by Jodie Scholz, I still didn't like today's scene between them. AT ALL really. Not that we really have that much of a barometer for what a normal Marlena and Sami conversation SHOULD be like given how strangely undeveloped that relationship is after all the years of them both being on the canvas but so far removed from each other's orbits, I still think it just doesn't make any sense on either of their parts. I don't understand how or why Sami had her big epiphany last fall that she should completely and totally forgive her mom's affair and embrace John after she had that FANTASTIC anti-Brady drunken scene at Carrie and Austin's wedding other than it possibly having been somehow tied to the revelation that EJ was a DiMera but I don't get why that would trigger that 180 in her. I also HATE the way they are ignoring the way that Marlena should hate EJ with every fiber of her being after she not only is supposed to believe he raped her daughter, but also is supposed to think EJ shot John putting him into a coma and then orchestrating the hijacking of his kidney. You know, besides being the son of the man who kidnapped and tortured her for years because of his obsession with her. And I just don't get where this whitewashing is coming from after just a month or two ago they were going to such great pains to make what happened between EJ and Sami in the car even WORSE than it actually was with the spurious claim being thrown around by the characters that EJ forced Sami to have sex with him at gunpoint and all the dialogue about EJ and Sami was raperaperaperaperapehijackedkidneyraperaperapehijackedkidney after they had failed to have Sami act like a rape victim the first five months of the year. This show needs to stop giving me whiplash with their dropped plotpoints and lack of convictions.

And what was up with Marlena questioning Sami about her thoughts on whether Lucas might fail her? I mean there is such RICH history for Marlena to think that's a possibility and Sami to be insecure about that given Lucas and Sami's history so if you are going to throw out lines like that why not use it? Ugh and they have Sami sobbing and Marlena saying that Sami has become the woman she always thought she could be? Marlena always thought Sami could grow up to be an emotional wreck? What the hell was all that about?

I think I'm most pissed though because I have long thought there was a Roman/Marlena/John quality to this triangle but they are just bungling it all so much that it is robbing this story of the emotional impact it SHOULD have. If Sami is going to forgive Marlena for John it would have made sense if she did that AFTER she had an affair, not before, unless she was lusting for someone other than her husband from the getgo and if that was the case they should have shown it to make that clear that's why that happened. Also, it was so awkward the way they just had Marlena talk about Sami's feelings for EJ in comparison to hers with John so clinically and out of the blue, even if she is a psychiatrist, as there just seemed to be so much emotional detachment talking about it and it's such a waste because this could be a BIG story for Marlena, too, if instead of them manufacturing a heart to heart between Sami and Marlena this way... what if just like Sami walked in on John and Marlena at the office that 14 years later it was Marlena walking in on her daughter sharing a kiss with someone that wasn't her daughter's husband in finding her with EJ. Marlena wouldn't be able to judge her daughter for that infidelity at all given her past so that would probably keep her quiet, but at the same time she would have to feel hugely betrayed by her daughter kissing the man who hurt John the way he did and confused/worried given Sami's rape accusations about the man she's kissing and so we get great Marlena angst as those things eat her up inside.

Yeah it would be dark and angsty and complicated, but it could be very good soap. I just feel like this is the show letting themselves off the hook way too easily for the biggest mistake of a story arc in DOOL history that they set up that last week of December last year and the way they are writing Marlena today makes me wonder if the real reason they are writing out John is that they can't seem to find a way to reconcile what they showed EJ doing to John with their plans for EJ in the future so they are just trying to make John disappear. I'm a huge EJ fan and could give a crap about John for the most part, but even I don't think that's right if that's the case. I hope I'm wrong about that.

Now all that said... I did love when Marlena yelled "SAMI!" when she was freaking out over Roman and Marlena just gave her that cold stare. I sort of got a flashback to the Marlena of old, the Marlena of the 90s who I loved and didn't take any crap from her daughter or suffer fools gladly, the Marlena before SSK and Melaswen and Alex North damaged the character so much. Damn I miss her.
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