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I have to agree that today was a good show.

Jennifer Landon reminded me why she won those two Emmys. Ihaven't been this impressed with her since before the Cleo story.
Terri Garber makes one impressive witch. I wish they would widen her story to include others.
I know somehow Gwen is going to get Cole and Sophie's baby. I just don't care about them!

I love it that Rosanna is now remembering things and I can't wait to see how the fallout goes down. Loved those recreated scenes with Scott Bryce!
Great scenes between Craig and Margo today.

So Emma hurt her leg and Meg has gone to Iva's to be with her. I am glad they are addressing Emma's absense from her Luther's Corners Bed and Breakfasr,errrr Farm. I wonder if Holden will acknowledge it while he is berating Lily this week?

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