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I loved today's show! There were so many great moments, and a couple things that didn't make a lot of sense but I'm going to ignore those and focus on the good. I love-to-hate Andre, who is just so wicked and so smart and has half of Salem running around in circles right now!

Frank Parker is doing excellent work, but I agree it's time for Grandpa Shawn to come clean with what he knows. I found the flashback scene very intriguing with the twist of Santo's wife being alive...or is Stefano lying? I can't wait for a grown-up Shawn/Stefano confrontation!

I'm so glad EJ called out Lucas on his bossy, condescending, caveman behavior towards Sami. I've been yelling that at my TV all summer.

I hope Kate remembers that Andre taped her conversation with Roman so they can figure out that wasn't a legitimate phone call. Judging from the promo that aired during the show, Roman is not in a good place!
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