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Superb show today. Loved the gothic feel. Very creepy.

EJ calling out Lucas was nice and I enjoyed them finding Kate naked. It was likely just Andre having fun so I don't see a need to have them show a scene explaining that. It would be unnecessary IMO. Loved EJ mentioning he had seen Kate naked before. Cute, flirtatious moment there. Lucas's reactions were funny.

Kate in the Pub hanging from a noose was freaky. Good dramatic scene though with her, Roman, and Andre.

Sami/Marlena was good too and very needed . Loved her yelling at her. Dee and Ali were great.

I also enjoy how Bo and Hope were all over the place today. This is why I disagree with those who say they have very little to do. Sure, it's not their own story because it is an umbrella story but they are very active. Loved it and the resolution to the Belle/Shawn cliffhanger was well-done. It wasn't over the top and there were no crappy SFX. Loved Bo's reactions throughout the episode. You can tell Peter is playing it like Bo knows he screwed up :lol: .

The funeral scenes and cemetery scenes were awesome. John and Abe together again was nice (even though Drake was a total downer) and I enjoyed seeing Lexie/Marlena interact and helping Benji. The Benji scene was great, as was Stefano waking up and threatening everyone. The scene with him and Abe was very good. Frank Parker also shined today too. Loved that flashback. The feud story is getting a chilling feel to it. You can just feel this thing building to something big now. Ed Scott is saving it big time. Loved Andre's laughs, Anna being over dramatic, and the way they ended the show with everyone wondering about Roman.

Oh, and about Benji, he knows his father tends to "rise" from the dead so he probably brought it to shoot him and make sure he stayed dead this time. Simple enough for me.

The show is on a roll. Based on things I have read, it looks like the vets are back big time because they are even appearing in the B-C story shows now.
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