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Sep 17 2007, 03:24 PM
Most boring show in a long time. Sorry but Sofie, Cole, Alison, Gwen, Iris, and Aaron do nothing for me, and the whole show was pretty much them. Craig and Margo were ok other than all there scenes were shaky camera movement again. Paul and Rosanna was ok I guess, but Ro seems alot more boring than she used to be.

I will agree to a point though about it being nice to see that Gwen again, I did like that, but I just really hate this storyline. I also think the show was well written, which I know makes no sense at all, it was just boring the way it turned out, lol.

BORING!!!! I hated today's show. The only good part was Craig and Margo but the camera angles were so bad. Ro and Craig were good too bad Paul was there. The rest of the show was ff material. I dont give a fuck about Cole and Sofie....same goes for Gwen and Co. I am sick of seeing Gweenie!! :puke:
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