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Sep 17 2007, 08:34 PM
I think it was a nice blend too Tyler.

I am not aiming this toward anyone in this thread but it sadly is a new trend I am seeing on all boards and ATWT.

I never wanted ATWT to turn into a "fanbase" soap and saw it coming but just felt that ATWT fans wouldn't let it happen.

I find it funny that when the Willen fans were doing it alone people fussed and ridiculed them. For them it was only a good day if Willen was on.

Now I read the Carjackers and the Nuke fans doing the very same thing.

I fear for the future of ATWT if this is the case. This type of stuff have torn the other shows apart and has done nothing for the ratings. Now it is invading ATWT too. It can't be good.

Eh..I wouldnt mind Willen...but the show is so unbalanced right now. There is way too much of them that it is sickening!
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