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Sep 17 2007, 08:33 PM
That makes me sad. :(

I was hoping Ashley would return after finishing her movie. She did say that she would return on a recurring basis, so maybe there would be a possibility that they could bring her back for a limited time, just to conclude things with Max. I hated the way they left things. To me, it was very open-ended.

As for the character of Abby, she is definitely needed. With the slut (Stephanie) and the bitch (Chelsea) the show needs a good girl, and that was Abby. I don't want to believe that Hogan didn't want to write for Abby. I think he wanted to flesh out the characters, and IMO, he did a great job building up MABBY. I thought the pacing of that story was very realistic. I loved the way it started off as a crush, and then moved onto Max thinking of Abby as his little sister, Abby putting Max in his place, and then Max realizing his feelings for Abby. It was pure destiny in my mind. I loved every minute of the MABBY ride.

I don't think that Emily Montague would be a good Abby. The way Hogan was writing MABBY, it was a conflict of age, considering that Max was "too old and experienced" for her. Emily looked older than Darin, so that aspect never really caught on while I watched their scenes. However, Darin and Emily did have a special connection and their chemistry was definitely instant. I would love for Hogan to create a character for Emily, and bring her back as that character, but not Abby.

That doesn't mean Abby shouldn't be recast. If the show can't get Ashley, they need to find someone for Max because Stephanie just isn't cutting it and I want to like Max, but when he is in scenes with Stephanie, I can't watch. I want to see Max as one half of a couple and MAPHANIE is not that couple. :angry:

Great post and I completely agree. I feel Abby is needed on the show. As someone stated earlier they really need the younger generation of the Horton's to be represented on the show. I know Nick and Jeremy are Horton's but I feel they need Abby to be apart of this. Right now all the girls are the same wild, rebellious, and impulsive. I think they need a little contrast in characters for the younger set.

I agree with what you stated about Mabby. I felt like they had a great build to their relationship. I was excited to see where they were taking it. I think the fans should really get the chance to see their love story since they were building it up for the past few months. I'd rather see Max and Abby then Max hook up with any of his nieces. I like Max but it's hard for me to watch scenes his scenes lately with Stephanie.
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