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I don't know if you were directing at me or not, but I will respond anyway, I do enjoy shows that don't have Nuke on them or Carjack. But there has to be more than just non-core characters taking up most of the hour to enjoy it. I just don't see Cole, Sofie, Iris, Alison, Aaron as core characters, and yes Gwen may be core but seeing as the other people are all her storyline it tends to make me not care about her either, the storyline is just plain boring as hell. The best thing they could have done was to have Gwen not loose the baby, and not brought Alison, Sofie, Cole, Iris into this. I want to see Hughes family members and Snyder, and Walsh family members on the show, I just don't care about characters that were just dropped on the show like Sofie and Cole for no reason at all, atleast that has been explained anyway. I still don't know why Alison or Aaron are back, if they get back together that would be great, then there is a reason for them, but right now I just don't see that reason. And now I will get accused of fanbasing but anyway, atleast Noah has a purpose if you know what I mean atleast we know why he is in town, all these other newbies we have no clue so far.

As for the Paul/Rosanna/Craig stuff like I said I did enjoy that today, it just was not enough to make me enjoy a show that was filled with 75% newbie time.

Hell alot of people thought last Thursday's show was boring and bad, but I enjoyed it, and Nuke was not part of that show, I just enjoyed it because the show seemed so much more full that day, as in more than just 7 characters on for the whole show.

Maybe I was just expecting there to be follow through with atleast one storyline that was on a cliffhanger Friday, but there was not, that also bugged me.
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