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Sep 17 2007, 09:48 PM
If you will look back I said I was not aiming this at anyone in this thread or anyone in particular. It is a general observation that I have noticed. Not just here but on all the boards I visit.

There was a time when it was only the Willen fans who said these things and now I am seeing it on all boards where fans are asking what days Nuke are on because they don't want to watch if they are not on. The Willen fans do the same. And now even some Carjacker fans are doing the same.

My post was not about in particular whether the show is unbalanced or not right now. It has been for so long now that it is not even funny. Right now I think the only people who are on way too much are Katie, Jack and Carly. I love Jack & Carly but they are on way too much and Katie being involved makes it painfully more obvious to me.

I don't care about Sofie and Cole yet but I didn't feel they were overdone today. And Iris I don't count as a newbie anymore because she has been around for awhile. She needs to be integrated into the show more if they are going to keep her around though.

I felt with who was on today I felt it helped to balance out Cole & Sofie. But that is just my opinion. Everyone is entitled to theirs. For the first time in a long time they didn't seem to take the episode over for me. The things that stuck out to me was the Gwen/Iris confrontation and the Paul/Craig/Rosanna story.

And as far as comparing stories the whole Nuke story is full of newbies. And that is what hurts the story too. It is hurting the same way that the Gwen/Cole/ story is hurting. Lily and Holden are not involved enough in it to count.

The story is filled with Noah, his dad, Maddie who hasn't been around that long. The only 2 involved in it who have been around are Henry and Luke and now they are bringing Dusty into it with the revelation of Winston's secret.

So both stories have to criticized with that in mind. They are both filled and revolved around newbies which is never a good thing and will get criticism from me.

You seem grouchy tonight Steve. :lol: Must be your lack of sleep last night. :P :lol:
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