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I am an ATWT fan and have been a long time. I am not an apologist:I don't think it is great all the time and I don't defend it obnoxiously like some GL fans do their show on"that other board." BUT,I try to hang in there through good times ,through thick and thin because things always turn around on this show if you are patient.

I must agree though that fanbases are creeping in to this show. When NUKE is on it is praised to high heaven. When they are not people complain and ask which days they will be on.

I have always tried to hang in there. Even if COM (Carol and Tom), SOB (Bob and Sandy),DIZ (Dan and Liz),KAN(Kim and Dan),GISA (Grant and Lisa),STETSY (Steve and Betsy) weren't featured prominently! :P
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