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What am amazing day.

I loved the mention of Chelsea running over Zach. It is about time that we hear how she feels about it.

I even liked when Shawn brought up Bo's motorcycle accident. I have completely forgotten about it.

OMG, that smoldering look that Philip gave Belle when he asked if she was afraid to be alone with him. JKJ can give me that look any day. Now he has just come into Shawn's hospital room talking about Tyler. Oh Belle, what do you think you are doing. Don't go getting yourself into trouble Belle. Shawn is totally baiting Belle to see if she will really go with Philip.

I wanted to slap Jeremy when he was asking why Steve had to go off and stab Stefano. Uh, sorry Jeremy... What an idiot. I have to say that I think Shelly and Trevor are both improving. I loved their scenes when his angry abusive side came out and Stephanie was caught up in everything and couldn't come to terms w/what was going on.

I was shocked to see Caroline and Shawn so late into the show. It was great. Caroline's concern for her sons. OMB just spill it already.

Oh no, poor Pocket. Of course the DiMera’s would do something to Pocket Lexie wake up girl.

Wish we could see Justin and the kids since they are in Salem. Oh wait, it's not like we have seen Adrienne. (rolling my eyes)

Nick is teaching? I am really enjoying him with the boys. He is fabulous with them. Just get out of town China Lee.

Cripes! Roman's in the casket. (like I didn't see that one, but still it is going to be interesting)

Let's hope tomorrow is another good show. :cheers:
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