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Sep 18 2007, 02:01 PM
My only gripe about today's show was even though I love seeing Nancy why is it always with Katie. One of my biggest gripes with JP.

Loved Rosanna & Craig. Bryce & McClain are so hot together in those type of scenes.

I too hate it that they only use Nancy as a prop for Katie! She looks good for someone who is 89 years old.

The Rosanna scenes were a highlight for me. I love how Rosanna doesn't back up from Craig and is not intimidated by him.

Carly! :shame: :angry: I hate it she has to be in those scenes with the himbo and the bimbo! I feelfor her1

Now excuse me! I have to go wipe the image of a naked Nancy ,wearing pearls and clinbing in to bed with Chris! :lol:
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