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This was most certainly another great episode!

Shawn bringing up Boís accident was totally random. He has been out of the cast/sling for a long time now, and yet Shawn is asking him now how heís doing. It was a nice touch, but totally outdated.

Belle and Phillipís conversation was freaky! He looked so abusive and aggressive, and almost like when he was fighting to get Claire for them. Belle knows what she did wrong, and I wish she would just admit the whole thing to Shawn, but of course she wonít do that, because of the way he is definitely going to act. I dislike the concept of him testing her, too. Heís literally driving Belle into Phillipís arms. I see his plan failing miserably. What puzzles me is, why did Phillip go to such extreme lengths to get Claire back, but is being much more laid back when it comes to finding Tyler. I know he has less information to work with this time around, but still he doesnít seem as determined.

Jeremy is an ass! And, Stephanie is even dumber for letting him in, and helping him yet again!

Iím so sad Pocket Man is ill! This is going to big turning point for the Johnson family, IMO!

Nick sure went from one spectrum of the working world to another, but at least his new job still incorporates science! He is doing a wonderful job with those boys. Regardless, I want China Lee to take the kids back and get lost, so Nick can move on.

Roman in the casket made me shiver!!
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