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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK I don't know if it is because I am so impatient waiting for the really exciting stuff to happen at the end of this week/beginning of next week, but this episode bored the hell out of me for the most part.

I like Jeremy being consistently a selfish douchebag worried about how Steve stabbing Stefano affected HIM rather than his girlfriend and not really caring at all that Stephanie and Max had to jump out of a plane until he started to worry there was something more to their relationship than she let on. That's my Jeremy.

The Lexie-Shawn heart-to-heart was odd. What is Lexie doing these days? Does she just hang out in the hospital visiting people now that she lost her job there? WTF? I mean yay for people getting mixed up but why would Shawn be pouring his heart out to Lexie of all people? And why is this show torturing us with Shawn and Belle when Shawn clearly doesn't trust Belle at all and Belle has feelings for Phillip? And why are Phillip and Shawn both so in love with Belle? She isn't attractive or charismatic or interesting enough to have these men falling on their swords all the time so the fact that they are so in love with her makes me like Phillip and Shawn less. And she just generally bores me to tears with her fickleness. I love JKJ best of the three but a part of me wants him to not renew his contract when it's up in January just to free us all from his hellish triangle.

The ending with Roman was cool and I liked the Bo and Caroline confrontation of Old Man Brady but man is he a wimp for not being able to fess up what happened. If it winds up being the case that Santo was lying about his wife being dead so he could seduce Colleen then OMB's silence all these years will make even less sense and make him even more pathetic than he already is.

Poor Pocket. :unsure:

eta: Ooops I forgot about Nick. Oh poor sweet Nick. I do like him with the kids but at this point I don't want him with Chelsea any more. She just sucks too much for me to root for Nick and Chelsea any longer.
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