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The episode was actually pretty good considering the stories being primarily featured. I like the fact that they threw Lexie, Caroline, and Shawn Sr in. On days like today, any integrating of vets will help the show along so that was good.

Lexie/Shawn was refreshing. I am sure Lexie was there for Benji and decided to see Shawn. Either way, it was nice and these interactions are needed. They are what Hogan gave us last Fall. Loved it. Lexie bringing her own history into it was nice.

The Belle/Philip stuff was very good. JKJ played the scene where Philip told Belle they weren't over so well. This triangle is very good IMO and I am glad it is being featured prominently.

Max/Stephanie was a bore but, heaven help me, I still see the sparks I saw last week. Shelley and Trevor were good in their scenes at Steve and Kayla's. Trevor has improved alot and Shelley is just great. I was shocked when she actually considered calling the police. Good scenes all around except for the early Max/Stephanie scenes.

China Lee/Chelsea/Nick was actually pretty good. The story moved and I am interested in what the big deal is with these kids. Rachel looked great today and it was nice seeing her and Nick being civil and her being supportive of him.

The pocket twist is a good one. SN played just the right amount of concern while also adding in enough anger over the possible involvement of the Dimera's. His last scene with Lexie where he wished he had killed Stefano was chilling. Enjoyed Steve and Bo too and the Pub scenes with Bo and his parents was a nice way of keeping the action from yesterday moving. Peter, Frank and Peggy were good in that scene. The ending with Roman was a great way to end the show.

I just love how the little things that make a show great are now becoming prominent. Chelsea mentioning Zack, Shawn mentioning Bo's accident a month ago....it just shows that they are paying attention and putting alot of effort into the shows behind the scenes.

Not too bad. I hope tomorrow plays out like today since it looks like the same people.
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