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I just got to see the last 20 minutes. Damn math class. <_< But from what I did see, this was a great episode.

The Stephanie/Jeremy scenes could be so much better with good actors. Trevor Donovan is improving and Shelley Henning, well...yeah. They are both trying, and you can tell, but the scenes are coming off like a horrible after school absuse movie. Even with the great direction of Ed Scott and his Y&R roadies, this scene really fell flat for me. And I don't blame that on the directing team. That was the actors.

Oh, look who it is. China Lee is back. This storyline is pretty stupid and I hope those kids and their mother get the hell out off my screen ASAP.

I love when the writers remember to throw in some fiestiness for Caroline. She's a little spitfire that takes no crap from anyone. She's one of the only people that can put Grandpa Shawn in his place and I love it!

And that last scene, AWESOMENESS! That was would have been a great Friday cliffhanger, because those that didn't know from the spoilers would have had no idea that Roman was buried alive.

This was a great episode for being a Tuesday. Definitely felt like a Friday episode.
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