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Jinxed Soul
Sep 18 2007, 02:13 PM

Belle and Phillip’s conversation was freaky! He looked so abusive and aggressive, and almost like when he was fighting to get Claire for them. Belle knows what she did wrong, and I wish she would just admit the whole thing to Shawn, but of course she won’t do that, because of the way he is definitely going to act. I dislike the concept of him testing her, too. He’s literally driving Belle into Phillip’s arms. I see his plan failing miserably. What puzzles me is, why did Phillip go to such extreme lengths to get Claire back, but is being much more laid back when it comes to finding Tyler. I know he has less information to work with this time around, but still he doesn’t seem as determined.

I'm surprised at the acting choices JKJ is making in this story. He gets that angry, crazy look on his face and it's an instant turn-off for me. With him going around looking and acting like an abusive bully, I can't imagine anyone turning over a baby to him. I also don't understand why Belle would want anything to do with him after the way he has acted this year and yet she continues to make excuses for him and enable his behavior as he bullies and abuses anyone who gets in the way of what he wants. I know she feels guilty about Claire, but she needs to get over that and focus on her own family. Philip is not her responsibility! And Shawn needs to get a brain and realize what a stupid plan he's forming about "testing" Belle.
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