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Sep 18 2007, 05:46 PM
Sep 18 2007, 05:26 PM
I don't see how ATWT is unbalanced at ALL.  I mean, sure there are obvious stars-- Carly, Jack, Gwen, Will, Emily (before/after maternity leave), etc.  Say what you will about Passante, but I do believe that she gives everyone a turn and a time to shine.


When's the last time we've seen...


Henry/Vienna- last week. They're not even frontburner material. Vienna should have been a dayplayer at best and Henry has never truely been the main focus.

Bob/Kim- I think we saw Kim last week...not sure about Bob, though. It's been a few weeks since I've seen him I believe. But even so, look at what all the soaps do these days. It's not unnormal for characters of their age to not be featured regularly.

Susan- I'm not sure what you think the problem would be with her. She's used quite a bit.

Lisa- See Bob/Kim answer

Nancy- Today...

Emma- I'll give you her. She's definately used sparingly.

Lucinda- While she's not used everyday like many, when Passante writes for her she gives her good material and she DOES give her story with Craig and Meg. It's not like she completely neglects her.

Tom/Margo- Margo, yesterday. Tom, today. Both of them are featured usually at least once a week.

I can understand people wanting to see their favorites, but just because Passante can't put everyone on 21 days a month like some want, it doesn't mean she's a horrible writer! I swear some people will never be happy.
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