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When was the last time anyone you did not mention has had to shine? It's always the same characters non stop. If it is not Gwen's world turns is Meg's world turns, if not her than Carly/Katie. That is not the ATWT of old. The only person I listed there that is even a core character is Carly, and to some degree Katie. Meg and Gwen are not core characters at all, Meg was gone for years, and Gwen is totally new to Oakdale, she should have NEVER had has much time spent on her as she has, you just don't do that with non-core characters. It's pretty bad that when I think of the first half of the year the only thing I see is Gwen, Rape storyline, Cleo storyline, Baby storyline, never a break in between any of that. There were even two whole shows during that time that went all to Gwen, that is not balance.

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