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I suppose Lexie will somehow be involved with Tyler/Pocket reveal and Shawn will at last be found out his part in Lauren's decision to leave him at the hospital.

It was weird seeing Lexie in strange scenes today. I tried to figure it out, too. Personally, I think she should be reinstated as a physician. She simply lied to a patient whereas "princess" Kayla cut out John's kidney. She is the one who should be suspended...ugh. I hate special privilege. I mean, this is a life-altering result that cannot be reversed she did and did not report it as an upright person would have done.

It was also weird hearing Shawn try to think through something as he never has done that. It's always been do and regret. Now he is giving Belle enough rope to hang herself. Why is he doing that? So he can torment her later on? Belle is so gone she doesn't even realize it.

Roman in that coffin hurt so bad I could scarcely stand it. What a nightmare of a horror. I can hardly wait until he is out of there.

I actually enjoyed China Lee today. It's too bad she will be going as she could be very entertaining. The boys are intriguing and Nick (Blake) is super as their guardian. Great day at the pub.

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