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Sep 18 2007, 09:12 PM
I'm going against the crowd and saying the Hortons aren't so critical right now. They're important as a touchstone, and they have Maggie and Alice for that. But as a throughline to any kind of future, I'd say they're second to the Bradys (and any subgroup of the Bradys created through marriages), and we've got a whole mess of those.

Abby can come back later, though. Or not- she's not interesting enough to be squeezed in, imho.

This time we agree. I grew up watching this show and while the Hortons were important at one time, the show has moved on. Lucas is a Horton and doesn't even use the name (although rumour is that will be changing) so you have Will, Jerkme, and Nick as Hortons. Hope is still around, but beyond that, it's just not that big of a deal anymore. Abby certainly isn't a critical character and the Hortons aren't a critical family. Not any more. Life changes, things cycle. This show hasn't been about the Hortons in a very long time, IMO.
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