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I am watching Wednesday's show live.
What is up with the camera direction and the lighting today? It is very distracting. The makeup looks different too but that might have been the lighting.

The Colonel is really something else! Daniel Hugh Kelly is such a good actor. It is a pity they are making him in to such a hard nose villian. He could come around and they could redeem him and keep him for Barbara or Iris.

Loving the scenes with Rosanna and Craig!I am loving the fact he can't intimidate her!

Now Jack and Carly.....I am getting tired of this same scene that is basically playing over and over between him. Won't he feel like the JACK- ass when he learns the truth about Carly!

Loved the Maddie and Luke scenes too and also Lily and Noah.

The fall that Dusty took after the drink was unintentionaly funny to me.

Go back to Sweden ,Vienna!

Loved the last act with the exception of Kack of course.

Eileen Fulton said "On the next As the World Turns " before they showed the previews. Glad you still want to use her Jean! ;)
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