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Sep 19 2007, 01:25 PM
Sep 19 2007, 12:42 PM
It looks like China Lee's "kids" are....Stefano's?

How about NOOOOOO. The last thing we need on this show is more of Stefano's "children" coming out of the woodwork. :drunk:

A big fat NO to those kids being Stefano's!!!!! That was my first thought and it instantly made me mad because that's the kind of predictable mess we keep getting. I love and adore Stefano, but the Dimeras are not the only bad people in the world! It's a silly story anyway. Chelsea and Nick need to go to Bo, have him call in the ISA, and let them deal with finding the twins' parents.

Why all the flashbacks? If they needed to fill air time, they could have given us another scene of Roman buried alive, or maybe Brandon Beemer could have turned over and the sheet could have slipped some more...anything but a two minute flashback from YESTERDAY!
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