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Steve Frame
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This is inspired by a post over in the Spolier section. I posted there at first but deleted as I didn't want to hijack that thread for this topic.

There is a general idea today that soaps have to pass the torch and quit writing for the vets at some point. Obviously most of the writers today believe that as it has happened.

This is the quote that I responded too and my post there. Tell me what you think.

Sep 19 2007, 03:35 PM
And I'll admit, too, that some of this is my age (I'm in my 40s).  I just don't care about partying, hot tubs and sororities.  Give these younger characters a story with substance and I will be much more interested in them.

I totally agree with you, but I am in my 40's too.

I don't care enough about the story to comment on it but I will this.

Y&R even as bad as it is right now at many times realizes this problem too. This is one mistake that Y&R is not making. It realizes that they have viewers of all ages and write stories for all ages. Occassionally they get a little off balance esp. with too much Amber but what show can boast that it regularly features in stories with substance an actress that is near 80 plus many characters/performers who approaching 60, and on down the line.

This is the biggest reason that people have held on to Y&R too and the biggest reason it has not fallen below that 4.0 mark and nosedived like some of the other soaps have even with it's problems. You look at the demos for the last few weeks and even longer than that for Y&R. They rank high in every demo. Most shows have demos where they are stronger and fall way short in others. Y&R does pretty good in all demos except for maybe 1 most of the time.

This is what has helped them.

Yes I agree that there needs to be a passing of the torch but it does not have to be a complete passing of the torch either. Sure it was done in the 80's on Days by phasing out first Bill & Laura and then a few years later Doug & Julie but Marlena had been on the show since the 70's so fans of that era didn't feel like they were losing everyone they were familiar with and that is why it worked. Hogan and Corday are phasing out everyone in their passing of the torch. Sure you might make one set of fans happy with that but what do you do with the fans that you alienate.

ATWT and so many of the shows are making the same mistake. So many of the characters that many fans know and love are just being phased out completely. And large segments of the audience are being lost.

Soaps for years have passed the torch but they have done it so much better. It just proves to me how much the writers of today are such hacks. Search For Tomorrow passed the torch to feature other performers but it still managed to keep Joanne Tourneur a vital character for it's complete 35 year run. She would be backburnered for short periods of time, but she still stayed a vital part of the show. The same can be said for Vanessa Dale on Love of Life who stayed a vital part of her show for 30 years. Everyone just like those 2 have to backburnered at times, but writers choose to write for who they want. A good writer just like Douglas Marland said will write for who fans want and put his personal preferences aside.
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