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I think younger characters need to be tied to their parents or older characters first before entering their own stories.

Say what you want about Langan but he did do that early on with the teen invasion in 1999. Shawn and Belle were connected to their parents' stories quite a bit to start and that really helped the audience invest in them. I think balance is a big issue too.

I will say that while what Steve said is true, if you look at it, what happened back then is the same thing that is happening today. As Steve mentioned in both cases he brought up, Days and SFT both kept a vet or two while also passing the torch. However, that is only one vet. You could make the case a show like Days is doing that same thing now. They have put new characters on the frontburner but there are still a few vets in play on the frontburner. Alison Sweeney is a vet. Peter Reckell is a vet. LK is a vet. Days is still featuring vets in active and vital roles, even if the balance is horribly off.

I think the difference between then and now is the execution was better. We had more character development and better stories. Of course, everything was fresher back then. I think soaps are just out of ideas story-wise because they have used everything so many times and there is very little that hasn't been done. However, I remember the 80's were similar to now. Days underwent a huge shift in characters on the frontburner and it feels the same way it does now.

I understand it has to be done but it does have to be done better. It does give off a deja vu feel because this did happen before but it was handled better. Then again, these are different times. Marland's words are right but there also comes a time as a writer when you feel it's time to shift things to others. I mean, you can only do so much before you run out of ideas and you get a feeling of "been there, done that." I love the vets but I often get the feeling that it is time to move on. I've seen couples like Bo and Hope and John and Marlena do so much that I feel whatever they are given to do won't be all that shocking or fresh.
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