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But it wasn't just one vet in the 80's that Days kept. Maggie & Mickey didn't have front burner stories like Marlena did but they have their share of stories and were seen a lot. Alice was seen a lot. Tom was seen a lot. They were all heavily involved in the stories as well. Also at first Doug & Julie was a big part of Bo & Hope's story even though they weren't the star of the story any longer.

SFT kept Jo frontburner but also kept Stu in there too.

And as to Marland, throughout his entire run he featured characters like Lisa, Kim, Bob, John and others up front just like Latham is doing with the older vets. They were not the front and center of every story but what they were given was fresh and vital. And they were used in a way that you felt they were special to the story and used for their uniqueness. Their history together was used so well by Marland too. Stories involving and featuring other characters were built off that history. STories featuring others were made to affect them too. The whole Sabrina/Frannie story was about Frannie. She was the star but it never felt that way because Marland used the history of Bob, Kim and John from so many years before as a backdrop in the story. It was a passing to the younger character but a blending too.

Hogan Sheffer at ATWT and now Days; Dena Higley as OLTL; and so many of these current writers choose to ignore the older characters and completely turn the show over to the younger set. They don't blend at all. And even when the vets do show up many times you know it was just meeting an obligation as the role could have been so easily filled by someone else. I can't say how it has been since Ed Scott came on to Days but before that it was always the case.

So much of what Bo & Hope have been given in this story could have easily been filled by someone else. And the same can be said for so many other times vets have been used on Days and esp. when Hogan used them on ATWT. Same for Higley and esp. for Higley on OLTL.

It just goes back to what Kitty said - blending is the key.
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