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I agree Steve but those were different times. Budgets were better, writers didn't have to overcome overbearing execs, and fans were more willing to be patient and sit through character-driven stories. Now, a show could be written by the great Marland and it would be at the bottom of the ratings. Why? Because fans today won't sit and watch romance and special moments between couples and families. Fans want action and nonstop movement and drama. The tastes have changed. The times have changed. All that has changed the mindsets of those in charge and that is why we are being given what we are.

It's sad and I do agree with you but I have just grown to accept what the shape of daytime has become. It sucks but I am not going to stop watching my shows because who knows how long I will have them. I still hope things will get better but with rabid fanbases and execs being so thickheaded I doubt it will.
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