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This has been a good discussion. Great topic ,Steve!

I have complained about Y&R but I agree that they are the one show that uses their vets and I agree that is why they still lead in all the demos.

ATWT has many fine vets but they are sadly misused and only used as props.What a waste! They have brought on a couple of newbies that are a total waste of airtime,Cole and Sophie. Cole is Gwen Munson's brother but he is a totally unlikable character.He is a wannabe song writer who is domineering and she is a weak,pregnant girlfriend. I bet most ATWT fans could care less.They would have done better if they had brought in Hughes ,Snyder or Stewart grandkids and then tied them to Bob and Kim,Lisa,Emma or Susan.

In Douglas Marland's "How Not to Wreck a Show" a list that has been passed around many times he says:

Build new characters slowly. Everyone knows that it takes six months to a year for an audience to care about a new character. Tie them in to existing characters. Don't shove them down the viewers' throats.

If Marland were alive today I don't think he would be writing for daytime television. It has been said that Nancy Curlee and Pamela Long have had the oppourtunity to come back but they won't because of too much network interference.I don't think Marland would put up with it either.
Another person that wouldn't fare well today is Irna Phillips. I remember the GL show about the early days. The network execs tried to tell Irna Phillips what to write. She listened and then wrote what she wanted to write. She would prove she was right with the ratings and fan mail.

Those days are sadly gone.
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