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(l to r :Bret Groneman with Colleen Zenk Pinter;Jesse Lee Soffer with Jennifer Landon and Jesse Lee Soffer)

Will Munson

William Harold Munson Jr. is the son of the late Hal Munson and Barbara Ryan. His siblings are Paul Ryan,Adam Munson ,the late Jennifer Munson Donovan,Nikki Graves Munson and Parker Munson.
Will has been portrayed by four actors,most notably by Brett Groneman and Jesse Lee Soffer.
The character is currently played by Soffer,formerly Max Nickerson on Guiding Light.
Will had a relatively sane childhood. It wasn't until his mother married Craig Montgomery that his life changed. Mom basically turned her back on her family when she married Montgomery. Things got bad to worse after Barbara was injured in an explosion and had her face disfigured. Instead of turning to her family she pushed them farther away. At the same time his dad disappeared. That is a lot for a young boy to handle,don't you think?
Will began to act out. He got in trouble at school and was accused of setting fire to Emma Snyder's barn. He was commited to the Memorial Psych ward and later released when Alison Stewart confessed to the crime.
After he was released from the hospital, Will became involved in the feud that was going on between his mother and his brother Paul.

Just wanting his family to get along, Will was confused by Barbara's hatred of Paul's fiancée, Rose D'Angelo.Barbara poisoned Will against Rose, telling Will that Rose was trying to break up their family and would take Paul away by moving to Paris. Barbara even tried to scare Rose away by spraying graffiti in Paul's apartment and then begged Will to cover for her! Then to Paul's horror, Rose died on her wedding day, a victim of poison. Will was silent in the aftermath, with the exception of almost panicking when Paul became a suspect for the murder. Barbara manipulated will by telling him that she'd keep his secrets and warning him that she'd die without him. Barbara confessed to Rose's murder, was arrested and later escaped police custody. Barbara went to Willl and told him that they had to leave Oakdale forever.As they made plans to leave town they were stopped by Paul. It was then that Will admitted to poisoning Rose, not with the intent to kill her but to merely make her sick so Paul and Rose wouldn't leave Oakdale. While shocked by the revelation, Paul assured Will that he still loved him and would always be there for him. However, Paul turned a deaf ear to Barbara's pleas to let them escape and Will was put into police custody and sent to a state psychiatric facility.

It was at this point that Jesse Lee Soffer began to play Will.
Barbara had herself commited to the hospital to be near the boy.
Will seemed to get along with Barbara but deep inside seethed with anger toward her blaming her for his troubles. Will and Barbara planned to escape the institution. Barbara didn't know that Will was setting her up. Once caught,Barbara was commited to maximum security and Will ,declared sane was released.

Over the past few years,Will has been involed in other things. Most notably he was accused of gaslighting Rosanna when it was Barbara who had drugged Emily to do her bidding.

His life changed when he met Gwen Norbeck. He had became her champion and later they fell in love and he became her husband. Will has become rather bland. Some messageboards say he has become Gwen's lapdog.
I don't want Will to become psycho again but I would like for Will to get his edge back. He is Barbara's son. Look at what he has been through. I think Will is to interesting of a character and Jesse is too good of an actor to saddle him with happy married life and being a daddy.

In Dusty's fanfic "A Brave New World" on this website he is taking Will back to the darkside and making him a little more interesting. This story looks promising.

Do I want Gwen and Will to break up permanently? NO. Am I against a Gwen and Will baby? NO. I just think Gwen and Will are too young to settle down in married (and family bliss) only to worry about their families problems.Both characters are too iwell conceived for this.

I am hoping that head writer Jean Passanante or her sucessor will see what a goldmine they have in Soffer and Jennifer Landon and create better storylines for them. Maybe she should read "A Brave New World"!

Just my opinion!

Untill next time!
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