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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK I know Stefano is probably pissed that Benjy tried to kill him, but was it just me or was his reaction really COLD? I mean he had no thought about the fact that his son Benjy got gutted so he could have his liver and then today he has no reaction or hurt to the fact that his son was SO angry at him that he would try to fill him full of lead? He was more troubled with the pests at the Salem PD. And since when does Stefano sue people? That's so much more Victor than Stefano. I just can't get a grip on exactly what Stefano is these days. Some days he's beautifully vulnerable like he was with the scenes when Santo visited him, but days like today he's cold as ice but not in the crazy fun way he was in the past where he did everything with flair and dramatics. Instead he's just detached and bitter and angry and not like the Stefano I remember knowing and loving in the past. OK I should've waited to post this until the episode was over. I love Stefano raising his voice and telling Steve he's going to regrrrrrrrrrrret siding with the cops against him.

I liked the Jeremy and Kayla confrontation. I really think the improvements that Trevor Donovan has made since he started have been remarkable and even though I think Jeremy is a total douchebag I want him to stick around and stay being that selfish douchebag. I don't know why, I just do. I don't love him like I just straight up love EJ being the smarmy bastard, it's more like I love to hate Jeremy being the selfish douchebag and there's no one else who fills that love to hate void for me on the show right now. Marcus Patrick, who I did like when he started on the other hand, just annoys me these days. I wish they would just let him go so he can pursue his dancing and movie career full-time because he just sucks all the energy out of all of his scenes and this whole Jett as an obstacle for Chick story doesn't work at all (why isn't Chelsea helping Nick get a job when she got him fired too?!) and I hate that the only time we get to see Abe is with Jett. Where the hell is Celeste? I miss Tanya Boyd!

Sorry Chelsea and Stephanie. I don't care one whit about your problems. I really don't. Please whine about them offscreen.

And am I the only one who just has to laugh at the fact that Jett can't get a job on the Salem PD but Shawn D is being allowed in the Salem police academy? Are we supposed to take from that that Abe has more integrity than Bo? Or that the Salem PD is racist or otherwise corrupt in its nepotism exclusively for the Bradys in that they will turn away a veteran and former ISA agent injured in the line of duty as a prospective cop but will allow a hothead college dropout with a rap sheet who was a DiMera goon this time last year into their ranks just because he has the name Brady? Such BS!!! If I were Jett I would be so pissed. Not to mention confused at how I was shot in Vegas yet transported to the hospital in Salem for recovery.

LOL at Rolf and the chalk and him keeping it in the pocket inside his suit. That's got to get messy.

The scene with Steve doing the impression of Roman for Stefano's benefit was great, but the rest of this episode was just kind of meh. Not godawful like yesterday, but not great. I just want next week to get here already!
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