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What an exotic setting. I truly loved what we got to see of China and the show settings were great, too. So colorful.

Strange bunch of people and not easy to get to know about each of them in one show but my pick of them all from tonight is James. I'd definitely want him on my team. When he jumped up on that wall to reach the gate, that was fantastic. He looked like a stuntman. The challenge was really not as hard as I'd have thought. The hardest part for me would have been to remember the details of the instructions.

In the end, I was hoping Angela was not voted out, but thought PG might be due to her personality, but sort of was exasperated with Chicken for whining around instead of doing what he could have. He had the time of his life though, so I'm glad he got to be part of it.

(It surely would be fun to be part of this.)
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