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Sep 21 2007, 08:10 AM
I'm sorry for those that see Leslie as being disrespectfuly but I see her point totally and respect her for sticking to her beliefs. Atheists and agnostics constantly refuse in our society everyday to have nothing to do with normal accepted Christian traditions and that is their right to do so and I have no problem with that. I am not that strong of a Christian but I can't say that I would have not done the same as she did. I do not have a problem with those who are Buddhists but the whole religion is contradictory to what I believe in - so I would have been very uncomfortable being involved.

I also would not go into a Central American company and put myself into a situation with a Muslim festival or tradition either. Their belief contradicts what I believe in too. And in these Countries where they have a State Religion like Muslimism or Buddhism everything is religious whether they deny it or not.

So more power to Leslie.

Here's how I see it, I'm a Wiccan. I go to Catholic weddings, Christian weddings, funerals, et al. When the "leader" says "bow your head", I do it. I'm in their world. I'm there voluntarily. I was not dragged kicking and screaming, I went freely. Does my Goddess fault me for respecting other people? No, she rewards my convictions. So I have a great deal of trouble with someone going to another country and disrespecting it. She willingly signed up for the show, she could have participated and all the while been praying to her God. Wouldn't he understand? Jesus sat with lepars and prostitutes. He was the one who went in and knocked the money tables over in the temples because it was disrespectful to that religion. So if Jesus showed respect for all, why can't modern Christians? Why do Americans go to other countries and expect to be treated like Americans? Why do they expect others to cater to them?

It comes down to two things for me. 1. Respect the country you are in willingly. 2. Respect your God enough to trust that he knows your heart and go through the motions when you are in a place willingly. Leslie obviously doesn't trust her God to know her heart and convictions if she couldn't participate and show respect.

As to what Atheists and Agnostics do. I don't always understand why they do some of the things they do, but that why they live here ~ freedom of religion. It's why I can say the pledge and leave out "under God" and only use a debit card so I don't have to use money that says "In God We Trust." We're a free country. China isn't. And if I ever went to China, I'd do what they told me to.

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