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Sep 21 2007, 12:58 AM
^ I didn't write in, but this makes me happy. Shawn/Belle/Philip is currently my favorite storyline going on. It may have to do with the minimal airtime they've been getting, but I love all three actors, and I can really get behind this triangle as long as they don't make Philip so one-note as he was at the beginning of the year. And as long as they keep them in Salem where they can get the support of the other characters we know and love, I'm all for it.

And I hope this is a good sign that JKJ is going to stick with the show rather than leave after one year, which is what a lot of fans are speculating.

ICAM! I didn't write either, but good for those that have. I don't want JKJ to leave after a year is up. I wasn't thrilled for his return, but am now glad he is back. With the 3 actors that play Belle, Shawn, and Philip I am really enjoying them muh more than I did before the recasts.

Thanks for posting Angie
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