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Viewing Single Post From: Days:JKJ posted 9/15
Sep 21 2007, 10:10 AM
Just goes to show that the producers will listen to fans for who they want to write for. The fans asked for it but no amount of fan support and letters would have mattered if Hogan & Corday hadn't wanted to write for the trio. The Jarlena fans have been writing all year long and so have the Bope fans who have wanted a story for them. Have they gotten one? Nope.

Could he have been saying it just to make his fans happy? Thank them for their support? I think fans do have power. Look at Ciara and Zach. Originally they weren't supposed to be Bo's kids but the Bope fans pushed so hard, they rewrote it and suddenly Bo had magical sperm not once, but twice. And the Jarlena fans got Alex killed off pretty quick. So writing does work.
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