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Steve Frame
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Sephora, Whatever you choose is right for you but it is wrong to expect the same of someone else.

I personally have more respect for someone who stands up for what they believe in than I do someone who goes along with others out of respect.

And as to your example of Christ and the Temple. That was Christ's religion at the time that was being violated. He was a Jew himself. He was born a Jew and was a part of the Jewish religion until he died. Christianity was not born until after his death. As to him sitting with lepers and prostitutes has nothing to do with religion.

Christ says himself if you are not with him you are against him. That is the mantra that Christians live by. For her to bow down to Buddha would have been a violation of what she believed in. There is a big difference in sitting with lepers and prostitutes and bowing down to another God which is a big no no in the Christian life. In fact it is the No. 1 commandment that Christians live by.

People outside of the Christian life condemn Christians for not having respect for their lifestyles, but yet they turn around and can't respect the Christian's lifestyle either.

I don't agree with everything that Christian's do but I can't fault or condemn them for living it. I don't agree with the Muslims who believe that it is an honor to die and kill others in the name of their God, but I can respect the fact that they live what they believe.

And King makes a good point, she did exactly what the show wanted. I am sure they chose her based on her Christian lifestyle and knowing they were going into a Buddhist country. They could have easily let it go last night but they didn't. They put her on the spot and made sure everyone knew it. Until Jeff pointed it out, I didn't even notice that she did it.
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