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Punk Cabaret is Freedom

What a great premier! As I mentioned earlier, this is my favorite local in a long time, since at least the Mayan season.

Sad that Chicken left, but someone has to go.

Still to early to know for sure who I'm gonna root for, but early favorites were Sherea, Peih-Gee, Ashley, Todd, Denise and James.

The two that I definitely don't like are Leslie and Courtney. Both were annoying as hell and rubbed me the wrong way numerous times. It's still my thought that they were highly offensive. Heck, my mother, who loves the show, goes to church every Sunday and is a part of what you would call the religious right was even taken back. Totally disrespectful and both can go :flipoff: themselves.

and not to turn this into to much of a religious debate, but not all Muslims condone killing or dying for their religion. It's extremists. The majority of Muslims are peaceful people who in no way are expected to kill or die for their religion.

Can't wait for the next eppy, this season is already controversial, LoL.
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