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SteveFrame, I always find it interesting when people assume just because I'm Wiccan now that I know nothing about Christianity. I was raised Catholic for 18 years, became a born again Christian at 18, and a Wiccan shortly after. Being a Christian was like wearing a dress that didn't fit and was made of really bad fabric.

My interpretation of the bible is what I base my statements on. I always read the passage about Jesus and the temple one way, one that pissed off the priests, you read it yours. I read "thou shalt not have other gods before me" as the god of the Christians just wanting to be first in line.

People outside of the Christian life condemn Christians for not having respect for their lifestyles, but yet they turn around and can't respect the Christian's lifestyle either.

I respect their lifestyles, but when they blatently don't respect others when they are willingly in their country/house, that's when I have a problem. They can pray in the middle of Time Square, that's fine. That's their freedom here. But you don't go into a Wiccan Gathering Circle or a gay bar and start preaching. You don't go to a country for a game show and disrespect the country. Respect goes both ways. It's not like I'm going to call her radio show and blast her for what she did, that's "her house." But if I saw her on the street, I'd give her what for.
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