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Fridays show.

alright, it is time to once again be positive about the show today.

1. Bo and Steve, they are really good together but what I was confused about was, why after Andre' stabbed Steve did Bo not call for help.
Steve telling Andre his Entourage couldn't hang. :lol:

2. Kayla, Steph, and Jeremy. I really liked the interaction of these three. Honestly, I think Jeremy does care for Steph. Today was the first day I have felt that. He was just telling her he didn't want to be with her because that is what Kayla wanted him to do. At least that is the way I saw it. Go Kayla. Telling Steph to just go and take her convit with her.

3. Billie was on again today!!!!!

4. Nick really does care about those kids and I like seeing how excited he gets when he talks about him. A proud father indeed.

my negative

1. Why is it that Chelsea can't forgive her mom for having sex with Nick. Yet the whole time she wanted acceptance from Bo and Hope after she ran over Zach, she didn't understand why they would give it to her.
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