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Viewing Single Post From: Survivor: CHINA
Steve Frame
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Sep 21 2007, 01:23 PM
SteveFrame, I always find it interesting when people assume just because I'm Wiccan now that I know nothing about Christianity. I was raised Catholic for 18 years, became a born again Christian at 18, and a Wiccan shortly after. Being a Christian was like wearing a dress that didn't fit and was made of really bad fabric.

My interpretation of the bible is what I base my statements on. I always read the passage about Jesus and the temple one way, one that pissed off the priests, you read it yours. I read "thou shalt not have other gods before me" as the god of the Christians just wanting to be first in line.

People outside of the Christian life condemn Christians for not having respect for their lifestyles, but yet they turn around and can't respect the Christian's lifestyle either.

I respect their lifestyles, but when they blatently don't respect others when they are willingly in their country/house, that's when I have a problem. They can pray in the middle of Time Square, that's fine. That's their freedom here. But you don't go into a Wiccan Gathering Circle or a gay bar and start preaching. You don't go to a country for a game show and disrespect the country. Respect goes both ways. It's not like I'm going to call her radio show and blast her for what she did, that's "her house." But if I saw her on the street, I'd give her what for.

Well that is damn fine for you to do so. But that doesn't make me have to like it or respect it.

And as to your first remark I get tired of you assuming that people are assume stuff about you. I never assumed that just because you are Wiccan that you know nothing about the Bible. In fact frankly I could care less whether you do or not.

Sorry to take this tone but your posts over the last few days have hit me the wrong way - not just here but in the Days threads too.

No one assumes anything about you. The girl or guy in the Days threads didn't either and you attacked him or her for no reason. It seems this is the tone you want so I can take it too.

The last I looked this is a message board and everyone is entitled to post what they want. I did not post my thoughts and opinions with you in regard. I explained what I felt and thought and based on my view point. And that is all that matters to me.

As to what you said your interprestation of the 1st Commandment is just that: YOUR INTERPRETATION. I and other Christians don't see it that way. What matters in my life and their lives is how I interpret it - NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!! I live my life for me and for my God. And I know that my bowing down to another God would not be acceptable to MY GOD.

And as to your other comment about

But you don't go into a Wiccan Gathering Circle or a gay bar and start preaching.

I don't think Leslie went into that meeting and started preaching. She never said a word. Only chose not to participate. There is a big difference. And I doubt very seriously if she would have said one word if Jeff hadn't put her on the spot.

And Mateo as to the comment about the Muslims. I never meant to make it seem that I thought all Muslims were violent - just using that as an example. I know there are those Muslim's out there that are peaceful. Unfortunately for me those are only ones I have heard about. All my first hand dealings are with the other side and that is the first thing I think of. I have friends who live in Nigeria and we write all the time. We went to college together. The husband of the couple got a job and was transferred to Nigeria. The Muslims control the area where they live and I guess the Government too. There are so many things they cannot do and all are punishable by death. They can worship as Christians but there are limits. And many times the soldiers will stand in the back of their worship service with guns just to make sure that the rules are being adhered too. He says people are put to death all the time. He knows Muslims who have converted to Christianity and just disappeared afterward. Some departed the country and got out while others were put to death unless they denounced their new Christian lifestyle. And so many others. I have nothing against the Muslims as I said - it is just the part that I know from writing to my friends and all. They love it in Nigeria even with those laws. They just know they have to abide by the rules but they continue to live their Christian lives.

Anyway I am done with this subject. I will not hijack the Survivor thread for it anymore. I will just say in closing that everyone lives their lives the way that is best for them. Leslie did what she felt was right and I won't condemn her for it. As King said none of us knows what we would do in that situation. But I respect her more than someone who wouldn't stand up for what they believed in. She showed to me what a strong person she is. The coward would have went ahead and did the ritual, but she showed to me she wasn't a coward. I admire that alot.
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