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That didn't bother me because it was staged anyway. Anyone who has planned an expedition, party, visit from VIP's etc. knows that every angle is covered as to what is appropriate and how to prepare for it. Even our ambassadors know when to do what and what not to do or wear or smile or move even when in presence of officials in other countries. If you watched Queen Elizabeth's visit for the Kentucky Derby, you were flooded with the care that went into not offending her in any way and why she wore what she wore, etc. There is no way that was accidental. The cast would have been briefed and asked if they had questions or objections. If there were, it would be handled and fixed before going on camera. I am willing to say that Leslie (if that is her name) objected and Jeff or whoever writes the scripts, decided to use it for conflict and the Chinese who went to the trouble to honor them all had to have been prepared that this was part of the show so there would be no offense. If they didn't then appropriate planning was not in place.

I mentioned that I'd want to chose James first for my team due to his skills to win physical competitions, but so far, I think Dave is the one who could be the best player.
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