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That's a good question.

I think that before pointing the finger at any particular show or storyline, the facts need to be faced - the downfall of the daytime soap opera will be its inability to change with the times. The stories never adapt, and I'm sure we've all sat there wondering why the fuck someone doesn't know who the father of their baby is. The genre itself is far from being over, because obviously shows like Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and The OC are/were incredibly successful. A daytime soap can still exist with all of it's basic elements, but the cheesy execution has to change and soon. The problem is that they'll decide to put some 2007 sex related story in the show, but not follow it through for fear of offending the middle america audience...why bother at all then?! The writer's should understand that if you're not going to follow through with an abortion story 100% (in terms of portrayal) then don't waste our time.

For me (and I try not to overthink these things), LML is a tricky subject. She's maintained the balance of the character's on Y&R well, probably considerably better then other soaps, but her storyline's are ridiculous. They're like "good" Days of Our Lives stories being told with Y&R characters...I consider the standards of those shows to be different, but in terms of writing for the cast as a whole? Thumbs up, but Y&R has ALWAYS done this, so it's not like she went in there and fixed shit up or anything. I can't say that I am liking the way she's mixed age groups, like replacing Nikki and Victor with Nick and Victoria in the other character's romantic lives (Nikki had an affair with Brad, who married Victoria like 6 years later? Ew. Jack was married to Nikki, then to Phyllis, who is now married to Nikki's son and Jack's ex-step son Nick??). If this is her way of passing the torch..meh.

Sheffer and Days is a mess. His writing isn't bad, but the storylines are terrible, if that makes sense. The dialogue is a million times better then JER's redundant bullshit. That said, you can't expect us to ok a HUGE sloppy transition (Sami and EJ) when everyone's been sitting here waiting for a good Vet based storyline since arguably 2002? I've grown to absolutely LOATHE the character of EJ...he's doing nothing for the show anymore. He was a great addition at first, by expanding the DiMear family/the element of mystery and just overall being an interesting character. They've somehow made mistake after mistake after MISTAKE with this character, and revolving the entire show around Ali Sweeney's Sami was a BRUTAL mistake. Ali is good, but she's not THAT good...she can't carry the entire show, her capabilities aren't that diverse, and either way, soaps are supposed to be an ENSEMBLE show. There's a reason she's still on a soap opera. Santeen was fucking ridiculous.. I was just sitting there thinking, THESE schmucks are the future of DOOL?!?!

Sheffer's introduction of Jeremy, the new Stephanie and such was handled horribly. Bringing in Stephanie and Jeremy as this new couple who hooked up off screen was complete idiocrisy, and if they are expecting people to get on a Max/Steph ship he's living on another planet. The actors they cast aren't very strong, with the exception of Blake Berris and Rachel Melvin, and I see NONE of these people in days' future.

Anyway, my point is that Days' isn't ready FOR this transition in the least. We need a few more cycles of the vets, or else the show just needs to go and soon. I'd rather it just go now as opposed to going through a slow, painful death.
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