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Interesting topic.

I think it really depends on what the ultimate goal is.

If a show wants to last, IA that they need to transition away from older characters at some point. Problem is, I've yet to find a show where they create and cast compelling, entertaining younger characters, so they don't have anyone to transition to.

On the other hand, it has to be hard creating characters that compare to some of the icons that came out of the 80s, especially if they're still around in some capacity. Maybe it's best if the show doesn't transition but stays with the vets until the stories reach a reasonably satisfying conclusion. I mean, if you can't match Erica Kane, or Bo and Hope, or Marlena Evans maybe it's best to use them up completely and wrap it up.

I've got a related history question: When they built a younger set in the past, did they anchor their storylines to high school/college?

Thinking about it, I can't get into younger characters lately because they're written very young. So I'm curious how they worked it in the past. I'm ok with stories where high school/college is a backdrop, or if there's an age-related event like a prom; but when the story is high school/college I tend not to watch, which means I don't even meet the new characters they're introducing.
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